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"wow. what is that?" simon briem remembers calling out to his long-time friend, hillary green he and hillary had been friends since preschool, but they lived in different parts of the state now. they hadn't seen each other all summer. simon, hillary, and their families were taking a vacation together before middle school started next week. zavier gonzales and his cousins were also vacationing at the seaside that weekend. the wind had picked up and the seas were quite rough as swimmers, water boarders, and surfers struggled to stay afloat. separated from his family and adrift on a small raft, it was xavier that simon saw bobbing along on the horizon separated from his family, and adrift on a small raft, it was xavier that simon sow bobbing along on the horizon what implicit idea is suggested by the author's use of "adrift"? xavier was not on a water board, so he could not stay afloat. xavier did not have control of the raft. the rest of xavier's family were also bobbing on the waves the calm seas made drifting pleasurable. Get the answer
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"write an equation that you can use to represent the volume of a square prism. use b to represent the length and width of the base. use h to represent


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"write down the types of energy in the following bodies i) battery ii) sun iii) water in a dam iv) a bullet fired from the gun v) a stretched rubber v


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"write the set of ordered pairs that is represented by the arrow diagram at the right. is the relation a function? explain."does anyone know the answ