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"the speaker was very english on the subject, and i learned that i belonged to an heroic band, and all that sort of thing, with abolitionism mixed in, and so on." how does this statement advance the author's point of view? it shows that beecher does not truly care about abolitionism. it presents beecher as a modest and appealing person. it exposes beecher's disdain for his english audience. it reveals that beecher is discouraged about the slavery issue Get the answer
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"the third phase of the theatre's work brought a return to modified realism. " this statements indicates that the organizational structure of the arti


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"the unexamined life is not worth living." this is a famous quote from socrates, the great philosopher. what do you think this quote means? think of


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"the universe surely has a sense of humor" is an example of what a. metaphor b. simile c. personification