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"the plague frightened and killed. it began in the land of darkness. oh, what a visitor! it has been current for fifteen years. china was not preserved from it nor could the strongest fortress hinder it. the plague afflicted the indians in india. it weighed upon the sind. it seized with its hand and ensnared even the lands of the uzbeks. how many backs did it break in what is transoxiana! the plague increased and spread further. it attacked the persians, extended its steps to the land of the khitai, and gnawed away at the crimea. it pelted r?m with live coals and led the outrage to cyprus and the islands. the plague destroyed mankind in cairo. its eye was cast upon egypt, and behold, the people were wide-awake. it stilled all movement in alexandria. the plague did its work like a silkworm. it took from the tiraz factory its beauty and did to its workers what fate decreed." ibn al-wardi, "essay on the report of the pestilence," aleppo, syria, 1348. a) identify one Get the answer
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"the population of a city has greatly increased since 1900. current proposals for development include expansion of the train station and stops through


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"the potentially valid arguments for tariff protection are also the most easily abused. " what are those arguments? why are they susceptible to abuse?


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"the power of nature is used thematically in big two hearted river." by hemingway should make pro post should agree with the statement and a con pos