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"the price king auto mall pays their sales staff by commission. they are paid a percent of the profit the dealership makes on each sold car. if the profit is $900 or less, the commission rate is 18%. if the profit is great than $900 and less than or equal to $1,500, the commission rate is 20% of the profit. if the profit is higher than $1,500, the rate is 25% of the profit. jared sold a car that made a profit of $2500. what is the amount of commission he will receive Get the answer
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"the red-headed league" is narrated by dr. watson. how does this affect the text? readers do not learn of the true identity of spaulding until the end


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"the rime of the ancient mariner" setting (time/place): characters: point of view: plot and major conflict: ant theme: hing


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"the role of social media in thearab uprisings" by heather brown, emily guskin, and amymitchell.which statement best evaluates the effectiveness of th