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"some of the effects of the declaration of independence were bitter." which of the facts below best supports the statement above? a. congress debated and revised the declaration before adopting its final version. b. british reinforcements were arriving in new york as the declaration was being signed. c. two-fifths of the colonial population joined the fight. d. more than 50,000 colonists joined the british army. Get the answer
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"sometimes buckley said "roger," or sometimes he said "takeoff," but when he was most frightened and giddy and waiting for peace he just said "yes!" a


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"son las doce." answers which spanish question?o ¿cuántas personas hay en la clase de español?o ¿qué hora es?¿cuántos exámenes hay en la clase de espa


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"sony introduces a new compact music player to compete with apple’s ipod that carries a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. based on ind