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"since i am a preacher by calling, i suppose it is not surprising that i have . . . major reasons for bringing vietnam into the field of my moral vision." the impact this would likely have on the audience is... a appealing to their emotions. b building credibility. c proving an author's point logically. d tell them who he is. Get the answer
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"skippy" an 20lb dog is being treated for an abscess. the dvm orders: amoxicillin 22mg/kg po bid x 14d. amoxicillin is available in 100mg, 200mg and


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"slash-and-burn" was a method that early humans used for what purpose? a) agriculture b) metallurgy transportation d) writing


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"sleep enveloped him like the swathing mirages that were wrestling with the brilliance of the lagoon." (pg.14, paragraph 1). this is an example of: