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"she gave up the book. he stumbled down the back steps, hugging the thick book under his arm. when he had splashed water on his face and hands, he groped back to the kitchen and fumbled in a corner for the towel. he bumped into a chair; it clattered to the floor. the catalogue sprawled at his feet. when he had dried his eyes he snatched up the book and held it again under his arm. his mother stood watching him. " based on this excerpt from “the man who was almost a man,” which inference can the reader make? a)reading is forbidden in their family home, and the book must be returned to its owner. b)dave's mother believes the book will bring harm to her family. c)dave is clumsy and careless with his belongings. d)the catalogue is important because it symbolizes the respect that dave wants from others. Get the answer
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"sheridan processes is involved with innovative approaches to finding energy reserves. sheridan recently built a facility to extract natural gas at a


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"ships ahoy is a small company that makes model sailboat kits priced at $120. the costs of the materials that go into each kit are $45. it costs $5 in


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"showing both ignorance and viciousness, the enemy chose to launch his attack on the day of atonement, the holiest day of the year for jews, knowing t