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" which two quotations from the passage directly support the central argument of the majority opinion? a “they are premised on different facts and different local conditions, but a common legal question justifies their consideration together in this consolidated opinion.” ( paragraph 10) b “under that doctrine, equality of treatment is accorded when the races are provided substantially equal facilities, even though these facilities be separate.” ( paragraph 11) c “an additional reason for the inconclusive nature of the amendment's history with respect to segregated schools is the status of public education at that time.” ( paragraph 14) d “inequality was found in that specific benefits enjoyed by white students were denied to negro students of the same educational qualifications.” ( paragraph 15) e “segregation of white and colored children in public schools has a detrimental effect upon the colored children. the impact is greater when it has the sanction of the law” ( paragraph 21) f “this disposition makes unnecessary any discussion whether such segregation also violates the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment.” " Get the answer
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"" australia produces natural resources? (coal, iron? ore, natural? gas, and? others), the demand for which has increased rapidly as china and other e


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"" if a structural surplus exists but the? government's budget is? balanced, then? . a. real gdp is less than potential gdp b. outlays are less than r


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"" is a wireless local network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit an internet signal from a wireless router.