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i've been able to simplify it a good deal but can't figure out how to solve it in the end,... 17 points to you,... thanks,...!parenthesis simplificationre-write equationsubtractadd 3h to both sides of the equation to take away the "- 3h"simplifydivide?then what?thanks for the help,... please answer in full explanation,... chow! Get the answer
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Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

the graph of the given equation in the xy-plane is a circle. what is the radius of the circle? (you may not use a calculator!) a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 an


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

the time period (t) depends on mass of the bob (m), length of string (l) and a b c d be due to gravity (g) .find the expression for time period using


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

the words after ' early 'what type of phrase is it? i am confused because this is the last one..no spam!!thank you:'p