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"jason is with a large group of friends at the movie theater. he plans on buying a few popcorns and drinks for his friends. each popcorn cost $4 and each drink cost $3. he only has $24 with him." what would be an appropriate set of inequalities to represent how many popcorns and drinks that jason could purchase (p = number of popcorns, d = number of drinks)? Get the answer
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"john t. was a solider in the civil war who lived in the unassigned lands. he left his land and returned at noon on april 22, 1889, to claim the land.


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"johnny drank a bottle of apple cider vinegar. 10 minutes later, his teeth turned yellow, and his throat & stomach started hurting. what can johnn


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"joint is the component of joint force development that entails collecting observations, analyzing them, and taking the necessary steps to turn them