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.to create a limited government, the creators of the texas constitution a cut school funding b. included a 'necessary and proper" clause c. put restrictions on what the government can do d. allowed only democrats to run for governor please select the best answer from the choices provided Get the answer
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.two kinds of fish can be found in a small tank that is 5 feet long. the blue fish is 2/15 feet long and the orange fish is 7/10 feet long. how much l


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.two year ago my age was x years, then what was my age 5 years ago? (1 point) x + 7 x -2 - 5 x - 5 x - 3


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.what can you infer about the words "cardio" and "pulmonary" from the phrase "cardiopulmonary resuscitation?" a. they refer to oxygen and carbon dioxi