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.read the first stanza from "stopping by woods on a snowy evening." whose woods these are i think i know.his house is in the village, though;he will not see me stopping hereto watch his woods fill up with snow.how does the setting of the poem influence the speaker's decision in the first stanza?a. the lonely setting makes the speaker appreciate his horse.b. the peaceful setting makes the speaker stop and watch the snowfall.c. the busy setting makes the speaker rush through the woods.d. the harsh setting makes the speaker afraid of staying in the woods. Get the answer
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.roshan applied a force of 144 n to the side of a cube-shaped wooden block to slide it away from himself . assuming that he applied the force on the e


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.ryan boiled a liter of water and then stirred sugar into it, adding more sugar until no more would dissolve in the water, creating a saturated soluti


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.sally is having strawberry ice cream and juan is having chocolate ice cream. if i am comparing sally and juan, what do they have in common?immersive