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.b?m hút l?u l??ng q=6 lít/s t? b? ch?a n??c ? nhi?t ?? t=20oc (h? s? nh?t ??ng h?c ?=0,01st). chân không k? c?a vào b?m (?i?m v) ch? pck= 6,87 n/cm2 ; ?ng hút có ???ng kính d= 100mm, dài l=10m ; h? s? c?n c?c b? l??i l?c ?l=7 ; h? s? c?n c?c b? ?o?n u?n cong (góc u?n 90o, bán kính u?n 150mm) ?u=0,16 ; ?ng tráng k?m thông th??ng (?? nhám tuy?t ??i thành ?ng ? = 0,29mm) ; v?n t?c trên m?t b? không ?áng k?. tính chi?u cao ??t b?m hs (kho?ng cách t? b?m ??n b? hút) Get the answer
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.choose an ‘independent clause' from the given quoted options: (1 point) the girl, ‘who is waiting at the bus stop' is my friend. ‘the setting sun' lo


Hedda Galya 1 Hours ago

.considere una persona que va de pie en un vehículo que este reposo y este arranca repentinamente, cuál sería el movimiento de la persona en ese momen


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.create a research paper on your findings about natural disasters since 20th century till date and its impact on climate of our planet. this research