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. a) in a group of 75 students, 20 liked football only, 30 liked cricket only and 18 did not like any of two games? (i) how many of them liked at least one game? (ii) find the number of students who liked both the games. (iii) how many of them liked football? (iv) how many of them liked cricket? (v) represent the result in a venn diagram.? Get the answer
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. bcps. schoology. com/common-assessment-delivery/star t/3262397092?action=onresume&su bmissionid=244795351 swyk 10/30 1 of 1 e possible points


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. f(x) = square root of quantity x plus nine. ; g(x) = 8x - 13 find f(g(x)). (1 point) f(g(x)) = 2 square root of quantity two x minus one. f(g(x))


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. forgive the war loans to england and france b. renounce the versailles treaty that wilson has negotiated c. join and actively participate in the lea