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. what connection does president obama draw between step three of his plan (paragraphs 21-22) and improving the nation? a he believes that supporting young african american men will help them feel more included in society and prevent future tragedies. b he believes that reaching out to african american children will inspire them to improve their communities and seek out more successful career paths. c he believes that the government should create a new program for young african american men in order to boost their confidence. d he believes that supporting african american leaders will discourage stereotypes against them and all members of the community, especially young men. Get the answer
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. what is a normal force? it acts against an object slowing it down. it acts perpendicular to an object. it acts with an object adding to its speed. i


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. what is the subject in this sentence?: “when he arrived, nobody was there to greet him. “ a)nobody b)he c)him d)there


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. what is the average velocity of the object between 14 and 22 seconds? oa -0.88 m/s ob -1.5 m/s oc -1.1 m/s d -1.0 m/s