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. v = ?r3 v = ?(9)3 v = ?(729) v = 972? cubic units is noah’s work correct? explain. yes, noah’s calculations are correct. no, noah did not simplify correctly. no, noah used the diameter instead of the radius in the calculations. no, noah did not use the correct formula for volume of a sphere. Get the answer
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. waipio rd in honokaa, hawaii, is one of the steepest roads in the world. it rises 450 ft over a horizontal distance of 1,000 ft. a. what is the perc


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. water is flowing at 12m/s in a horizontal pipe under a pressure of 600kpa radius 2cm. a. what is the speed of the water on the other side of 0.5cm r


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. water levels near a glacier currently average 9 feet, varying seasonally by 2 inches above and below the average and reaching their highest point in