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. read this passage from “the turtle.” what lesson can the reader take away from this episode of the turtle’s adventure? now the going was easy, and all the legs worked, and the shell boosted along, waggling from side to side. a sedan driven by a forty-year-old woman approached. there will be times in life when there are no obstacles in your way. sometimes obstacles appear when things seem to be going smoothly. there will never be times in life when things go well. Get the answer
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. researchers at purdue university report data from a study where they hired experimental confederates to attend speed dating events, posing as daters


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. retail sales increase and stores are busier during the months of november and december. which of the following would be the most appropriate gener


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. roger uses his truck to plow parking lots when it snows. he wants to find a model to predict the number of service calls he can expect to receive ba