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. in which reaction is nitric acid acting as an oxidising agent? a. cuo + 2hno3 ? cu(no3)2 + h2o b. cu + 4hno3 ? cu(no3)2 + 2h2o + 2no2 c. na2co3 + 2hno3 ? 2nano3 + h2o + co2 d. naoh + hno3 ? nano3 + h2o Get the answer
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. is there evidence that the mean statistics anxiety is significantly different for cph biostatistics students who prefer windows and macintosh


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. isaac carries an 8 kg pail of water up a flight of 15 steps, each 20 cm high. calculate the amount of work done against gravity to carry the pail up


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. isn't it surprising that five wildlife centers are in new york city? explain why it might make sense to put a wildlife center in the middle of a maj