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"in section 1.3, you will consider the gravitational potential, kinetic, and the total mechanical energy of a cart moving down an inclined ramp in a cart-earth system. (refer tofigure 6. 2). define the gravitational potential energy to be zero when the cart is at the bottom of the ramp. write an expression for the gravitational potential energy of the cart-earth system in terms of the cart’s mass mm, the cart’s position along the inclined ramp xx, and the angle of the ramp t. " Get the answer
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"in a long-run equilibrium, price is equal to average total cost." this statement applies to a. perfectly competitive markets, but not to monopolistic


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"in a particular case of secondary succession, three species of wild grass all invaded a field. by the second season, a single species dominated the f


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"in a response of two well-developed paragraphs, compare and contrast "invictus" and "the negro speaks of rivers." in the first paragraph, focus on th