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. identifying costs of inflation charles manages a grocery store in a country experiencing a high rate of inflation. he is paid in cash twice per month. on payday, he immediately goes out and buys all the goods he will need over the next two weeks in order to prevent the money in his wallet from losing value. what he can't spend, he converts into a more stable foreign currency for a steep fee. this is an example of the of inflation. Get the answer
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. if apqr = astu, complete each part. 8 m 59° 7 m a) st = b) su = c) mzr = d) m2q = e) mzs = 75°


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. if canace company, with a break-even point at $313,500 of sales, has actual sales of $570,000, what is the margin of safety expressed (1) in dollars


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. if haily is analyzing samples of chromosomes under a microscope which feature would help her categorize the different samples? a. genetic makeup b.