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. consider the following 3 systems: a. a binary mixture with vapor-liquid equilibrium, both components are generally present in both phases. b. the reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen to form ammonia occurs in the gas phase. c. the reaction between steam and methane to form hydrogen gas occurs in the gas phase. carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are also produced. d. how many degrees of freedom (?) are there for each system? if ? > 0 then which intensive variables would you fix? what would you conclude if ? = 0 or ? < 0 ? Get the answer
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. considere a equação ( y^2+2xy )dx- x^2 dy=0 . a) mostre que essa equação não é exata b) mostre que multiplicar os dois lados da equação por y^(-2) g


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. construct the 90% confidence interval for the population proportion of failures. (round intermediate calculations to at least 4 decimal places. roun


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. convert new horizons's speed when it left our atmosphere, 10 miles per second, to miles per hour to get a better sense of how fast the spacecraft wa