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"if someone is going to be here in this country for 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years, i want them to assimilate," saidsen. jeff flake, r-ariz. "i want them to have the rights, and more importantly, the responsibilities that comewith citizenship."• based on the information in the above quote, what is the best definition for the word "assimilate?"a. be comfortableb. learn new informationc. integrate into societyd. become a permanent resident Get the answer
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"if we cannot protect democracy in the cold war, we shall win in a hot war." - syngman rhee, president of south korea, 1950 what did president rhee me


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"if we could blossom out of ourselves, giving nothing imperfect, withholding nothing!" is an example of a a. simile instruction c. metaphor d. questi


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"if we fight the stranger, we shall hit our brothers and perhaps shed the blood of a clansman. but we must do it. our fathers never dreamed of such a