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. a tank open to the atmosphere contains liquid ethanol (c2h5oh) at the bottom of the tank. the diameter of the tank is 1.0 m, its height is 3.0 m, and the liquid level at the tank is maintained at 0.5 m. the gas space inside the tank is stagnant and the ethanol vapors are dispersed once they exit the tank. the vapor pressure exerted by liquid ethanol at 190 cis 40 mm hg. there is a concern regarding the emission of ethanol vapor into the atmosphere. a. (3 points) write down the differential form of flux equation and the differential equation for mass transfer for this process. b. (7 points) develop the final analytical solution to determine the emission rate from the tank. state all assumptions and boundary conditions. c. (8 points) estimate the emission rate from the tank in kg ethanol/day when the tank is at 190 c. at 298k and 1 atm pressure, the diffusivity of ethanol is 1.32 x 10-5 m2 /s. d. (4 points) what is the amount Get the answer
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. a video rental store charges a $20 membership fee and $2.50 for each video rented. write a linear equation to model this situation using v for video


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. a water balloon is launched into the air so that its height, h, in meters, after t seconds is h=-4.9t^2+27t+2.4. how high is the balloon after 4 se


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. a water station is located at the midpoint m of another water station is located at the midpoint n of . a race coordinator says that the map coordin