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. read this excerpt from the call of the wild by jack london. close in under the sheltering rock buck made his nest. so snug and warm was it, that he was loath to leave it when francois distributed the fish which he had first thawed over the fire. but when buck finished his ration and returned, he found his nest occupied. a warning snarl told him that the trespasser was spitz. till now buck had avoided trouble with his enemy, but this was too much. the beast in him roared. he sprang upon spitz with a fury which surprised them both, and spitz particularly, for his whole experience with buck had gone to teach him that his rival was an unusually timid dog, who managed to hold his own only because of his great weight and size. who or what is the antagonist in this excerpt? francois is the antagonist because he makes the dogs leave their beds. nature is the antagonist because the team is struggling with the cold. buck is the antagonist because he attacks spitz. spitz is the antagonist because he challenges buck Get the answer
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. sarah made a scale drawing of a dinosaur. she made the height of the dinosaur 2 1/2inches. • the actual height of the dinosaur is 9 feet. what scal


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. sean is 5 years old and has just been diagnosed with diabetes. he will have to take insulin injections the rest of his life in order to regulate hi


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. serenity has a points card for a movie theater. she receives 80 rewards points just for signing up. she earns 11.5 points for each visit to the mov