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. 8. tianna and liam charge for tutoring. tianna's charges a base fee of $40, and $10 per hour of tutoring. liam charges $20 per hour of tutoring. a. state an algebraic model for each tutor to represent the relationship between the total charge and time. use c to represent total charge ($) and t for time (hours). . Get the answer
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. a football is punted from a height of 2.75 ft above the ground, with an initial velocity of 48 feet per second. the motion of the football can be m


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. a pendulum swings such that each swing is 65% the length of the previous swing. thus, the swings become shorter and shorter. the length of the firs


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. a sample of a gas is compressed from a volume of 2.50 l to 925 ml under constant temperature. its initial pressure was standard ambient pressure -