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-matt, inc., had pretax accounting income of $291,000 and taxable income of $300,000 in 2021. the only difference between accounting and taxable income is estimated product warranty costs of $9,000 for sales in 2021. warranty payments are expected to be in equal amounts over the next three years (2022–2024) and will be tax deductible at that time. recent tax legislation will change the tax rate from the current 25% to 20% in 2023. determine the amounts necessary to record j-matt’s income taxes for 2021 and prepare the appropriate journal entry. Get the answer
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-part a: based on the information collected, who will have the higher mean annual salary? a:high school graduates have a higher mean by about $20,000


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-rl circuit as shown in figure “12” where: r: resistance, r = 500 ohm. l: inductor, l = 50 henry. v: voltage, v = 100 v. i: current. q: for rl and rc


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-read the attached narrative prompt and then reread over the passage "the four dragons" to refresh your memory; as you read, take notes on the element