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"i felt i was making some progress in mastering the english language even if my collection of rejection slips seemed to shout otherwise." (paragraph 5) how does the personification in this sentence most affect the passage? o 1. it contrasts the author's sense of optimism with the overwhelmingly negative responses to his writing. o 2. it emphasizes the author's sense of embarrassment when he is confronted by the railway express man. 03. it reveals the author's struggle to write in a third language, which he attempts to overcome through study. 04. it demonstrates the author's imaginative writing style, which he finally starts to use in "the wedding shoes." Get the answer
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"i guess you'll never become a samurai now, huh, manjiro-chan?" "why not?" manjiro asked. "even if we should get home, you know very well you can't be


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"i had five dogs," he said, casting about for the easiest way to temper his refusal. this statement from the passage signals a/an


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"i have been looking to get a part-time job. after i kept bugging them for a while, i finally got an interview at a coffee café close to home. i thoug