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- 8 of 8 id: mst. ci. cim.05.0020b indicate whether each statement regarding the use of the student's t distribution is true or false: true false a) the t procedure is robust, so that as long as the population does not depart too much from normal your results will be reasonable b) the t distribution procedures are insensitive to changes in the sample size c) when using a sample size of more than 15 but less than 40, the t distribution procedures should not be used for data that is highly skewed and/or contain extreme outliers d) if the sample size is less than 15, you should use the t distribution only Get the answer
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- a box contains only blue and black glass beads. the probability of randomly choosing a blue bead out of the box is 3 times the probability of rando


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- a box with a volume of 22.4 l contains 1.0 mol of nitrogen and 2.0 mol of hydrogen at 0°c. which of the following statements is true? the total pres


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- a hypnotist believes that his program can help more the 50% of patients quit smoking. to test this claim, a random sample of 100 patients were monit