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- text improvement grammar and punctuation - assignment big ideas texts are socially, culturally, and historically constructed curricular competency create and communicate use an increasing repertoire of conventions of canadian spelling, grammar, and punctuation feate and communicate: • use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create engaging and meaning full literary and informational texts for a variety of purposes and audiences content language features, structures, and conventions language change elements of style first peoples principle of learning learning involves patience and time name: _harisnt singh your task is to write a cohesive paragraph (or several if required), in which you demonstrate your ability to correctly, effectively, and succinctly incorporate each of the punctuation marks listed below: c hihen period sigle de rourel saare quotes quotes bachets skets dash ma mart in addition to the punctuation, you are asked to incorporate a variety of nouns, with several of them being proper nouns, which require capitalization. for this assignment, you are not being evaluated on the level of textual engagement, but rather, on the precision of the language. your goal is to be as correct as possible, not as interesting rubric: does not meet grada descriptors work does not meet a minimum description of achievement emerging -40% developing -sok proficient -60% extensive -70% text is mostly text is text has several text is cohesive incohesive approximately 50% elements which are text successfully -text demonstrates cohesive cohesive, but some demonstrates a few examples text demonstrates which are not proper grammar proper grammar some proper text demonstrates and punctuation and punctuation grammar and mostly proper usage usage, but the punctuation usage brammar and majority of the text but contains punctuation usage, is either incorrect, several elements but does contain a jarring, or does not which are either few elements contain the incorrect or janring which are either majority of incorrect or jarring required elements extending -box text is perfectly cohesive text perfectly successfully, and effectively demonstrates proper grammar and punctuation usage Get the answer
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- the space shuttle is accelerated off its launch pad to a velocity of 525 m/s in 18.0 seconds. what is its average acceleration


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- what is the absolute value of -6? use the number line to help answer the question. 2 6 s 4 3 2 1 6 7


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- which is the solution to the inequality? 2 8 15 o b<2 113 o b>2 1 1 o b<3 7 o b> 3 7