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- given: pqrs is a rectangle. put a checkmark in every box that must be true. you will put more than one checkmark. has two pairs of parallel sides has exactly one pair of parallel sides all four sides are congruent has exactly one pair of congruent sides both pairs of opposite sides are congruent two pairs of consecutive sides (but not all four sides) are congruent there are right angles at all four vertices the diagonals are perpendicular the diagonals are congruent the diagonals bisect each other -2 ri use calculations and words to show this quadrilateral meets the definition of a rectangle. Get the answer
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- rocks found in streams can have rough edges and sharp grooves. what is the process that roughened the edges and caused the grooves


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- select the correct answer. george owns a juice manufacturing unit. he conducts a cardiopulmonary resuscitation training program every six months fo


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- text improvement grammar and punctuation - assignment big ideas texts are socially, culturally, and historically constructed curricular competency