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"how much room is there to spread frosting on the cookie?" clare says, "the radius of the cookie is about 3 cm, so the space for frosting is about 6 cm." andre says, "the diameter of the cookie is about 3 inches, so the space for frosting is about 2.25 sq. in." a. is this question talking about area or circumference? pick one. why? b. which person is most likely correct, clare or andre? why? Get the answer
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"how would you combine the two sentences into a complex sentence with a dependent adjective clause?" a. the boy wore a green coat, and he carried his


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"how would you need to shift the supply and demand curves in a market to result in a situation where equilibrium quantity increases while the equilibr


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"human rights" has always been an excuse for the united states to violate other countries. many human rights violations in the united states are extre