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"how can a human being with any claim to a sense of moral responsibility deliberately let loose an instrument of destruction which can at one stroke annihilate an appalling segment of mankind? this is not war: this is not even murder; this is pure nihilism. this is a crime against god and humanity which strikes at the very basis of moral existence. what meaning is there in any international law, in any rule of human conduct, in any concept of right and wrong, if the very foundations of morality are to be overthrown as the use of this instrument of total destruction threatens to do?" — nippon times (tokyo), august 10, 1945. what does the author mean by saying that dropping a nuclear bomb "strikes at the very basis of moral existence?" Get the answer
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Giiwedin Frigyes 55 Minutes ago

"how do bacteria cause strep throat?" is a. a problem statement b. a hypothesis c. a theory d. data analysis which one


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"how does shakespeare develop the motif of children and childbirth to emphasise the unnatural state of the world of macbeth?" please give me a good an


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"how likely is it that a genocide on scale with the holocaust could happen again? could history repeat itself? or has the world learned to prevent it?