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*sentence transformationsjoin the following pairs of sentences by using relative clauses:1.a. the men have been arrested. they tried to break into the shop.?2.a. the man is friend of ours. he owns that garage.b3.a. we must write to the contractor. they depend on that contractor.ba. i am trying to remember the name of the hotel. we usually stop at thatparticular hotel.b5.a. that's the player. i kicked his leg accidentally.b6.a. the tourist was urged to come back to zambia. the zambian people arefriendly.ba. mr. zulu has finally completed his grade 12 despite being over 30 years.some people used to laugh at him.b...7.8.a. this house was built over 30 years ago. it is still in immaculate condition.b9.a. i will introduce to peter. some people regard him as our best forward.b10.a. there is a price. i cannot go beyond that price.b Get the answer
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*some help please?* the graph of g(x) is a transformation of the graph of f(x)=3^x. enter the equation for g(x). g(x) =


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*some living things under certain conditions can be frozen and brought back to life. some insects replace their water with glycerol before freezing


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*this was a difficult question // help?* what reason did the nazi party give for targeting jews for genocide? a.) they wanted to show jews in other pa