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*20 points*sophia's war ch. 51-63 weary traveler: as sophia decides to leave the sweltering attic of the housemaids, her journey begins with little to no preparation. as a young 15 year old girl, traveling alone sophia is fortunate not once but several times over that comes to her aid. who are these remarkable people and how have they sophia put an end to mr. anderson (john andre) and mr. moore's (benedict arnold) plan to end the revolutionary war with the british on top? *mention and recount 5 of the 7 individuals who sophia came across during her travels. Get the answer
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*20 points* a rancher’s herd of 250 sheep grazes over a 40-acre pasture. he would like to find out how many sheep are grazing on each acre of the pas


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*20 points* what is the probability of drawing yellow marble followed by a red marble from a bag containing 12 yellow marbles, 14 red marbles, and 15


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*21. julie has a large jar of coins consisting of pennies and nickels. she has 3 times as many pennies as nickels. when she takes her jar of coins t