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"he heard the tap of heels on the stairs, and his sister came down into the kitchen. she looked fresh and cool in her white dress. her lids looked heavy. she must have slept all right - and for this john felt both envy and a faint resentment. he had not really slept since midnight. the heavy traffic in town, the long wail of horns as somebody raced in on the u. s. highway holding the horn button down, and the restless murmur, like the sound of a celebration down in the courthouse square, had kept him awake after that. each time a car had passed their house his breath had gone tight and sluggish. it was better to stay awake and ready, he had told himself, than to be caught asleep."daddy gone?" audrey asked softly as she took her place across the table from her brother." what mood does audrey’s presence create? cite words that create that mood. audrey is “fresh and cool” and she has “slept all right.” she asks . the mood is ___ . Get the answer
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"he was finally free, like a feather in the breeze." what rhetorical device is being used in this sentence? o a. simile b. personification c. consona


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"he was our moses delivering us from evil and bringing us to safety, " is an example of what kind of figurative language?


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"health education helps to be free from fatal disease."justify this statement with your logic.? please help me this is urgent question?