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)alex's doctor says he has great strength and flexibility, but she is worried about alex's cardiorespiratory health. the doctor asks him to list the activities he participates in regularly. alex lists weightlifting, karate, rollerblading, and bowling. which activity should alex's doctor encourage him to participate in more often to increase his cardiorespiratory health? weightlifting, because it is aerobic with short duration karate, because it is anaerobic with short duration rollerblading, because it is aerobic with long duration bowling, because it is anaerobic with long duration Get the answer
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)jose is surveying shoppers about their use of the new pharmacy in a grocery store. which of the following questions in his survey is a statistical qu


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)micheal has five different stocks that he watches on a daily basis. the table shows the change in each stock price in dollars at the end of a trading


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)oscar needed to get to bed early so he would be well-rested for the state track meet in the morning. instead, oscar decided to stay up late texting w