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) three ferocious old pirates are dividing their plunder (100 gold coins) before disbanding. no single coin can be subdivided. according to pirate code, pirate number 1 p1 suggests a sharing rule (for instance if p1 suggests (34, 33, 33), under this rule p1 gets 34 coins, p2 gets 33 and p3 gets 33). all three pirates vote by roll call on the proposal. if a majority (even a tie is enough) accept, then the division is carried out and the game ends. if the suggestion is not accepted then the first pirate is thrown overboard (which is worse than getting no gold, because of the circling sharks) and p2 makes a proposal, which is subjected to majority vote, and so on. these pirates are crafty enough to perform backward induction, and so cranky that, whenever a pirate is indifferent about voting for or against a proposal, he votes against it. explain what happens and why. Get the answer
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) vera sells her trading card collection in an online marketplace for $160. the website charges her a 13% fee for the sale.


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) water flows steadily up the vertical-1-in-diameter pipe and out the nozzle, which is 0.5 in. in diameter, discharging to atmospheric pressure. the s


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) what are the source documents for direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead costs assigned to this job