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(im failing yall sos) while working on a group project for school, a student asked his group member to check his model of a section of dna. which feedback would the student receive? (6a) the model is accurate because all bases are paired correctly. the model is accurate because it shows all component of each nucleotide. the model is inaccurate because the base pairs are incorrect.the model is inaccurate because it is missing the required bases in dna. Get the answer
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(iv) describe and explain the effects which global warming might have on bothregional and worldwide scale.(4[25-otion 2


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(iv) institutional party 7. why is democracy called the best form of government?8. what are the flaws in a democratic government?9. what is democracy


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(ix) a pin hole camera gives a sharp image because; (a) the image is small(b) the hole is small(c) the object is long away from the hole(d) the scree