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"for a heartbeat or two, titus looked as if he might hit you. grudgingly, he agreed to bring you along, despite your age and his declaration after your parents’ deaths that he’d keep you from harm. you did as he requested, returning to the house and filling a sack with food, master selby’s clothing, even some of the mistress’s jewelry that the three of you might barter, then delivered all this to your brother and caesar in the barn. the three of you left that night on two of the master’s best horses, you riding behind titus, your arms tightly circling his waist until you stopped to make camp in the woods. there, caesar suggested that it would help if you all changed your names and appearances as much as possible since master selby was sure to post your descriptions. titus said fine, he’d grow a beard and call himself john free. caesar liked that, said, “then i’ll be george liberty.” they waited for you to pick a name, poking sticks at the campfire, sending up sparks into the starless sky. “give me time,” you’d said, changing into buckskin breeches, blue stockings, and a checkered, woolen shirt. “i’ll shave my hair off, and i’ll think of something before we get there. i don’t want to rush.” what you didn’t tell them that night was how thrilling, how sweet this business of renaming oneself felt, and that you wanted to toy with a thousand possibilities—each name promising a new nature—turning them over on your tongue, and creating whole histories for each before settling, as you finally did, on “alexander freeman” as your new identity" question is the narrator of the story omniscient or limited? what evidence supports your answer? Get the answer
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"for the increase of the shipping and the encouragement of the navigation of this nation, which under the good providence and protection of god is so


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"for these were the hands that had acted on their own, no part of him, here was where the conscience first manifested itself to snatch books, dart off


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"for witnesses who were not too traumatized by the meteorite, the event became a way to make some extra money—meteorite fragments could be sold online