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"eleanora" is a romantic story- a theme that many people do not associate with poe, but one that is evident in many of his works. it deals with a man's love for a woman and her love for him. poe uses many allusions in the story in describing eleanora and his love for her and her love for him. one thing that we might find strange is that eleanora was the narrator's young cousin-a situation that mirrors poe's life as he married his young cousin in real life. another element of the story that mirrors poe's life is that eleanora dies young, just like virginia did in real life. what is 1 allusion that poe uses in the story "eleanora" • what effect on the theme of the story does the allusion have? Get the answer
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"english is still relevant lingua franca. discuss and support your view with examples." can give me some idea?just give me the point???


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"enter your answer in the provided box. a person's blood alcohol (c2h5oh) level can be determined by titrating a sample of blood plasma with a potassi


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"errorless" discrimination learning was proposed as a better way to train an animal to respond to a stimulus (s+) and not to respond to another stimul