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(25 points)please help me, and show all of your work step by step. now say you invest $6,500 and the highest interest rate you can find is 2.5% compounded annually, but you would have to leave this investment in the account for a minimum of 5 years. if you decide to wait 5 years to buy the car, how much more money will you have to save to buy a car at the price of $8,000? use the compound interest formula a = p(1 + i)^n. a = accumulated amount p = principle i = interest rate n = number of years Get the answer
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(25 points) please help george w. bush first inaugural address 1. where, when and to whom was the speech delivered? 2. describe the tone or mood in


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(25 points) summarize how levitt and dubner logically support their argument that cheating exists when there is high incentive, but that the majority


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(25 points) a construction crew is lengthening a road. let y represent the total length of the road (in miles). let x represent the number of days the