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(15 pts) under heavy load conditions, the ’carrier sense’ mechanism built into the ethernet protocol may likely cause many of the stations to collide with one another in their transmission attempts. this is because every station, for most of the times, has a packet ready to send — and hence jumps at the first opportunity to transmit, i. e., upon sensing the change in channel state from busy to idle1 . to reduce this surge of collisions, a simple extension to the ’carrier sense’ mechanism is to have each of the ready stations wait for a random interval of time after sensing the channel release and before attempting to transmit its packet. suppose the wait time w of a ready station before its transmission attempt is uniformly distributed over the range (0, t ], i. e., the probability function is: Get the answer
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(15. think visually anthropocentrism, biocentrism, and ecocentrism are ethical standards in environmental ethics. think about what they mean. then,


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(15.) if a number is chosen at random from the set (x: 4 sxs 15). find the probability that it is a multiple of 3 or a multiple of 4.o a. 1/12o b.7/1


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(15points) help me plz 1. how has howard arkley successfully used colour and patterning in his work to get the audiences attention? 2. what techniqu