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(15 points) rectangle efgh is graphed on a coordinate grid. efgh is transformed according to the rule ro, 180° , resulting in rectangle e'f'g'h'. which transformation or composition of transformations will produce the same result? fx-axis oly-axis ry=x ro. 270 r0,90 ro, 9000 ro, 270 Get the answer
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(15 points) what attitudes about society did beat poets share, and how did they use their poetry to bring attention to social issues?


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(15 points). the oxidation of glucose provides the principal energy source for animal cells. the reactants are glucose [c6h12o6(s)] and oxygen [o2(g)]


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(15 points)i need help please a seafood restaurant claims an increase of $3,850 over its average profit during a week where it introduced a special o