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(1.2) design an experiment to determine the adsorption isotherm of fibrinogen to a polyethylene sample in aqueous buffer at physiological ph and temperature. the pe sample has a flat nonporous surface. briefly describe key steps of the experiment. (5 points) (1.3) now you are given an identical pe sample as in question 1.2 but the sample has been pre-coated with albumin. then you use this new sample and perform the same experiment in question 1.2. make a sketch to show what you think the adsorption isotherm data of both samples (that is, pristine pe surface and albumin-coated pe surface) would look like and briefly explain how they may differ. (5 points) (1.4) compare the two surfaces above. which surface is more likely to cause blood coagulation? briefly explain why. (3 points) Get the answer
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(10 points) consider the sketch of plane a. explain why point p is coplanar with m, n, and o but noncollinear with points m and n. help!! please and t


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(10 points) helppp ;'o read the scenario. use it to answer the question that follows: taylor was arrested for being out on the streets after a town-w


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(10 pts) abby is trying to prove that if segment cd is a perpendicular bisector of segment st, then any point, q, on segment cd is equidistant from en