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(1)when you were younger, your mother cautioned you not to act like an animal. (2)what mother obviously didn't realize is that much of the rest of the world holds animals in such high regard that they use animals' names for their organizations and products. (3)for instance, many professional sports teams, such as the tigers and rams, have chosen animal names to suggest power, (4)also, cars are given names to make consumers associate them with speed and grace. (5)examples are the jaguar, the cougar, and the bobcat. (6)even our political parties have adopted animals to represent them. topic sentence is Get the answer
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Torquil Vilhelm 55 Minutes ago

(1)……….. matches consumer needs with the company’s capabilities and objectives. (2)……….. are at the center of marketing process. through (3)……….., ………


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(1, 13) (-2,4) o a. y- 4 = 3(x+2) b. y- 4 = 3 (x-2) c. y-1 = 3(x - 13) d. y- 2 = 3(x - 4)


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(1,0) estamos estudando o conjunto dos números inteiros. os números inteiros têm caraterísticas diferentes dos números naturais. assinale a alternativ