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"be it resolved by the people of alabama in convention assembled, that the people of the states of delaware, maryland, virginia, north carolina, south carolina, florida, georgia, mississippi, louisiana, texas, arkansas, tennessee, kentucky and missouri, be and are hereby invited to meet the people of the state of alabama, by their delegates, in convention, on the 4th day of february, a. d., 1861, at the city of montgomery, in the state of alabama, for the purpose of consulting with each other as to the most effectual mode of securing concerted and harmonious action in whatever measures may be deemed most desirable for our common peace and security." with which vocabulary term is this statement most closely associated? Get the answer
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"before the war broke out, when you were still a servant in master william selby’s house, you’d bet on anything—how early spring thaw might come, or i


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"beige company manufactures belts and has the following information: total fixed cost per month: $1,800 variable cost per unit: $3.75 sales price per


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"benzos" know as valium or xanax are a habit of forming. they cause drowsiness, muscle weakness, confusion and slurred speech. are they a stimulant or