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(1) every four years, the best soccer players in the world gather to decide which country has the best soccer team in the world. each time, a different country hosts the tournament, in which 32 countries compete. (2) the players take a break from playing with their regular team so that they can represent their country in the tournament. winning the world cup is considered the greatest accomplishment that a soccer player can achieve, so the players always give their maximum effort. (3) waving their nation's flag and cheering as loud as possible, fans all across the world make long trips to watch the games. it is a spectacle like no other in sports. which of the following sentences would best conclude paragraph 1? a. in 2010, spain won the world cup, which was played in south africa. b. the world cup is governed by fifa, which is based in switzerland. c. it is called the world cup, and it's one of the biggest sporting events on earth. d. the united states has never won the world cup, even though it hosted it in 1994. Get the answer
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(1) fund x accumulates at an interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly (2) fund y accumulates at an interest rate of 6% compounded semiannually (3) at


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(1) gambling is a largely illogical activity, but many people still enjoy it. (2) the chance to obtain more money is so enticing that gamblers forget


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(1) have you ever heard of a stradivarius violin? (2) it is which sentence contains an error in the use of a a type of instrument that was built by me