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(07.05 mc)why was the silk road important to the development of china? the country had previously been isolated from the other ancient civilizations, and the silk road allowed a cultural exchange. it contributed to the growing wealth of the nobility and ruling classes and helped keep the middle and lower classes in check. the country needed a boost in population, and the silk road allowed new people to easily enter and stay. it allowed an easy way for goods to flow into an economy that did not produce much, which increased wealth. Get the answer
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(07.06 mc) which of the following describes how polluted water sources would most likely affect one's personal health? (5 points)


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(07.06) there are currently 3 students signed up for a trip. the van can transport only 7 students. which graph shows all the possible values for the


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(07.07 ) which of the following is a helpful process in evaluating scientific claims? o quoting statistics o making lists o biased thinking o critica