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"and we...require all persons who have either willfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any lands within the countries described (native land west of the appalachian mountains)...are still reserved to the said indians... (they should] remove themselves from such settlements. what does this part of the law say? who will be happy with this part of the law? colonists? natives? other? why? explain each group.* Get the answer
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"and increasingly, of course, one meets children who really don't know how to say what they are. they are simply too many things." p. 92 - what is rod


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"and may each clime with equal gladness see a monarch's smile can set his subjects free!" wheatley uses the word free in these lines to suggest that


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"and on the dank air they could smell an acid grassy smell" write an analysis for this sentencewhat does it make the reader think of?this creates an