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(05.03 mc) gina has purchased 100 songs from the internet. she plans to download an equal number of songs on her music player each week for 5 weeks. the graph shows the number of songs left to download, y, for a certain number of weeks, x: a graph titled song downloading shows number of weeks on x-axis and number of songs left to download on y-axis. the x-axis scale is shown from 0 to 5 at increments of 1, and the y-axis scale is shown from 0 to 140 at increments of 20. a straight line joins the ordered pairs 0, 100 and 1, 80 and 2, 60 and 3, 40 and 4, 20 and 5, 0. part a: what is the rate of change and initial value of the function represented by the graph, and what do they represent in this scenario? show your work to find the rate of change and initial value. (6 points) part b: write an equation in slope-intercept form to model the relationship between x and y. (4 points) Get the answer
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(05.03 mc) read the text and question. then, choose the correct option that answers the question. mi nombre es antonio. antes de llegar al metro yo e


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(05.03 mc) the figure shows a carpeted room. how many square feet of the room are carpeted? 6 feet 8 feet d 3 feet 2 feet 24 square feet 28 square fe


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(05.03 mc) in the figure below, ?abc ? ?dec and ?gfe ? ?dce. point c is the point of intersection between segment ag and segment bd, while point e is